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Something Spanish This Way Comes...

In the quiet, arid, Sierra de Algairén mountains, nestled into the winding Barrandijos Valley in Alpartir, Spain is a little winery nestled into a 200-year old house, named Bodegas Frontonio. The Zaragoza province is known for two things: 1) Lamb. 2) Wine.

Our General Manager, Wine Director, and Sommelier Dan Hatch, specifically enjoyed the “Telescópico” Garnacha when winemaker Fernando Mora (below) came to see us here at The Firehouse a few months ago; and especially as an accompaniment to our ever-popular (you guessed it) Rack of Lamb. Alpartir, Spain is certainly not known for its population density, which is just 58 people per square mile. (Sacramento, by comparison, has about 5,400 people per sq mi.)

From their own documentation:

"The little-known region of Valdejalón, centered around their village of Épila on the banks of the River Jalón, north of Calatayud. The climate is Mediterranean, with significant diurnal temperature changes and low rainfall. The vineyards lie at altitudes between 1,150 and 2,300 feet, and benefit from loose soil structure with notable limestone content. Many of the best vineyards are also conspicuously schistous." (Meaning high in schist, the medium-grained metamorphic rock with mineral grains easily seen with a low-power hand lens, oriented in such a way that the rock is easily split into thin flakes or plates.)

"The Bodegas team’s preference is for north-facing slopes, rich in stones, and planted to old vines. In their masterly hands, they give rise to Grenache wines (red AND white) of a purity and intensity we rarely see, at a price ridiculously fair, which have already been acclaimed by reviewers everywhere."

For more info on this gem of España visit their website: and join us to enjoy the Telescópico Garnacha by the glass or by the bottle, and their Elástico white blend by the bottle only.


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